Meeting and Greeting 

Meeting new people and building strong relationships is a vital component of professional development. Whether you are a shy, quiet individual or an outgoing, people-person, meeting new colleagues can be intimidating. It is important when meeting new people that you always exude a professional demeanor. People will be more willing and likely to want to help you and work with you if you are able to make a lasting positive impression.

Phone/Virtual Platforms 

When possible, it is always best that you meet with someone in person to create an impression and a stronger connection. However, there are times when contacts may prefer to speak with you over the phone or virtually. You can often tell if they are giving you full attention.

Email and Internet Usage 

Contacting people via email is one of the most common forms of communication. While it is certainly acceptable to connect with faculty, staff, and employers through email, it is important that all of your communication is professional. People may not take you seriously if you are not able to communicate in a professional manner, thus, they may not even consider meeting with you or helping you.