Meredith Kearney

College of Public Health ‘24


I am a Public Health major graduating in May 2024. I was actively involved with the Orientation Team, Hospitality Team, and Wellness Resource Center. I was also a member of the Health Education Honor Society, Eta Sigma Gamma and our wonderful book club! Outside of Temple, I interned at the Early Head Start office of CHOP where we teach parents how to be their child's first teacher.

What are your career goals?

My career goals include finding a job in health education while earning my master's degree.

How has the Career Center helped you achieve your career goals?

The career center has taken the anxiety out of interviewing for me! It is so daunting to feel like you are stumbling over your words when asked a difficult question. I practiced with a career coach multiple times just to make sure I was saying the right thing, using the STAR technique, and pacing myself properly. They reminded me that while practice can be very valuable, I am also interviewing the company to see if they would be a good fit for my interests and goals. That put a whole new perspective on interviewing for me which helped me in my internship and post-grad job search significantly! 

What tips do you have for students also navigating their careers?

One tip for students is to make an appointment with the career center! They can help you talk through solutions and help you navigate the complexities that is interviewing and finding a job/internship that suits you.