This is your chance! An increasing number of companies are coming to campus to conduct interviews for internships and full-time jobs. You can access ALL of these opportunities via your Handshake account. Once you apply, the employers will select who they would like to interview. 

For clarity, all On-Campus Interviews (OCI) have a job associated with them that is posted in Handshake and you need to apply to the job posting in order to be considered for the interview process. It is important to be aware of application deadlines to avoid missing any On-Campus Recruitment activities. If you have trouble with this process, please contact the Career Center. We want to ensure that each student has every opportunity to connect with employers. 

Interview Schedules

Once you log into your Handshake account, head to Job Search. To refine your search you can use the “On-Campus" filter.

On-Campus Recruiting Policies

Student Responsibility

  • Provide accurate information on majors, minors, GPA, and employment eligibility.
  • Provide current and reliable contact information to the Career Center and employers.
  • Respond appropriately to communication from the Career Center and employers.
  • Adhere to schedules for the OCI process.
  • Notify the Career Center immediately if you encounter questionable practices or irregularities in the employment process.
  • Notify the Career Center in writing upon acceptance of a job offer.
  • Withdraw from other on-campus recruiting events upon acceptance of an offer.
  • Consider acceptance of employment as a commitment to that employer.

Eligibility Policy

On-Campus Interviews (OCI) conducted through the Temple University Career Center are available to all matriculating undergraduates, and alumni up to one year after graduation.

First time users: Complete your profile and upload a resume on Handshake. Career Coaches on the Career Development team offer resume assistance during same day appointments or you can click here to schedule a 30 minute appointment with a Career Coach through Handshake.

The Interview

Congratulations! Your resume impressed and you were selected for the interview. Now, keep it going! Refer back to our Interview Tips to make a great first impression.

No Show Policy

The Career Center is committed to your success. Your success is determined by your ability to make a great impression and live up to your commitments. Failure to show up for an interview is not only a reflection on you, but reflects poorly on Temple University. Below is an outline of the policy for no-showing an interview

1st No-Show: Your access to Handshake will be limited to "browse only" until a letter of apology is sent to the employer with a copy sent to the Associate Director of Employer Partnerships,

2nd No-Show: Your access to Handshake will be limited to "browse only" until the following items are completed:
1. Schedule an appointment to meet with the Associate Director,
2. Attendance at a Career Center event (professional development event, career coaching session, etc). Click Here for a schedule of Career Center events.

REMINDER: Please understand the commitment that employers and alumni are making to come to campus for interviews and Career Fairs. To cancel last minute or no-show for an event or interview negatively impacts you, the Career Center, and Temple University. We ask that you make your best first impression with all of our employer partners! For questions, please contact Erin Lemons at 215-204-7981.