Read how the Career Center helped these owls soar!

Jenna Pelle

College of Liberal Arts '23

"Actively engaging in the campus community and your field can greatly enhance your experience and opportunities."

Meredith Kearney

College of Public Health ‘24

"One tip for students is to make an appointment with the career center! They can help you talk through solutions and help you navigate the complexities that is interviewing and finding a job/internship that suits you."

Isabella Mayo

College of Science and Technology ‘23

"Believe in yourself!
You can do things you don't think you are capable of!"

Ava Arteaga

Klein College of Media and Communication  '24

"Who are you, what do you want, and why do you deserve it? This is one of the phrases my personal branding professor said often, and it forced me to pause and consider the answer."

Isha Dev

College of Engineering '24

"I was able to take away important lessons from the hobbies and activities I engaged in for my own enjoyment just as much as my internships and the research that I performed to become more experienced within my own field."