Jenna Pelle

College of Liberal Arts ‘23


Headshot photo of Jenna Pelle, a Temple University Alum

Hello, I'm Jenna Pelle (she/her/hers), and I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Temple University in May 2023. During my time at Temple, I was involved in the campus community as a Teaching Assistant and a Research Coordinator.

What are your career goals?

I intend to work in organizational development or leadership consulting, specializing in enhancing organizational success through a wellness-focused approach.

How has the Career Center helped you achieve your career goals?

I utilized the career center for reviewing my personal statements, resume/cv, linkedIn profile, as well as taking my professional headshots, and preparing for interviews. With the help of the career center, I was able to successfully apply and be accepted into a MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology program, as well as be offered a position for a Graduate Assistantship. 

What tips do you have for students also navigating their careers?

I highly recommend taking full advantage of the resources offered by the career center. Their knowledge and assistance are invaluable and helped my career growth tremendously. Additionally, actively engaging in the campus community and your field can greatly enhance your experience and opportunities.