Serving all Temple students and alumni, the Career Center provides a full range of services to optimize internship and employment opportunities and enhance life-long career success.

Both in person and over the web we provide:

  • Career assessment, exploration programs/resources and industry information to help your student Explore their options for their major and career.
  • Guidelines, strategies and expert advice on resume & cover letter writing, interviewing & job search skills to help them Learn how to market their best self.
  • On-line job and internship postings and on-campus recruiting through Handshake, Career Fairs & web resources to help them Connect with employers for internships, part-time and full-time positions.

Career Programs and Events

Serve as a speaker or panelist and share your professional expertise.

To get involved, contact Kelly Hart, Director of Employer Relations at 215-204-4468 or


Contact the Career Center with existing internship and full-time opportunities within your organization or provide contact information for your HR representative.



1. How do Students access the Career Center?

Scheduled appointments are set for students who have yet to declare a major, have no idea of what career to consider, or are in the midst of totally rethinking their career direction.

Appointments can be scheduled by coming into the Career Center, 220 Mitten Hall or by calling 215-204-7981. Appointments can be scheduled M-F 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Same Day Appointments are available M-F, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. for questions pertaining to job search resources, interviewing, resume writing/critiques and other professional development issues.

2. When should students visit the Career Center?

Students can utilize the Career Center at any time during their academic career and as an alumni of Temple. Students are encouraged (and welcome!) to begin working with us in their first year. We have professional staff that can assess their individual career needs and guide them through a step-by-step process over the course of their education.

3. How does the Career Center help students find jobs after graduation?

The Career Center is committed to facilitating on-campus recruitment and preparing students for the best job search possible. The Career Center sponsors two large-scale Career Fairs annually and hosts hundreds of employers each year who recruit all majors directly on campus. In addition, many employers post job opportunities on Handshake which students are encouraged to consult frequently, as new postings are always being added. Our Career Coaches provide individualized assistance and group programs to assist students with the job search process.

4. Does the Career Center help students with internships?

There are many internship opportunities posted through Handshake - paid and unpaid. Some may also provide academic credit. Gaining work-related experience is key to a new graduate's success in finding employment. For this reason we encourage all students to engage in some form of experiential learning such as an internship.

5. How do students find on-campus student employment or off-campus part-time jobs?

Students can search Handshake for off campus part-time jobs. On-campus part-time jobs and work-study positions are posted at TUPortal (students must then log-in) and off-campus work-study positions are listed at Temple Job Bank.

6. Why would a student who has decided on a major need to use the Career Center?

Many students begin college confident in their choice of a major. In any major, there are a number of career paths that a student can take depending on their interests and abilities. Shadowing, networking, gaining "hands-on" experience through an internship or volunteer work can help students to develop skills that are valued by employers and to gain real world experience that can clarify or solidify the direction of their career. The Career Center is a valuable resource for finding such "experiential education" opportunities, and for providing access to alumni and employers.

7. How does the Career Center help students who are undecided about a career or academic major?

One of the main reasons students seek our services is to assist them with clarifying their career goals. Career Coaching is an excellent way for students to learn more about majors that would lead to a certain career goal they have in mind.

8. Is it common for students to start out knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives but then become uncertain or consider a completely different direction?

The college years are a time of exploration and change. College exposes students to new ideas and disciplines that can open their minds to possibilities and opportunities they never knew about or would have considered. The Career Center has Career Coaches who are skilled in supporting students who are reconsidering their career focus. Frequently Career Coaches will administer assessment instruments that clarify important aspects of career development such as interests, natural abilities, and values. The goal is to give students the information they need to make career decisions that are consistent with who they are and what they want from life.

9. How can I support my son/daughter/family member through their career exploration process?

The most patient parent can be challenged while your son or daughter decides about the future. Because college is a time of exposure to new ideas and increased knowledge about the options for careers, a student’s need to explore may increase and the length of time this takes differs with each student. Being knowledgeable about today’s job market is an important part of being supportive of your son or daughter.

Facts about today's job market:

  • It is changing faster now than at any other time in history.
  • Advances in technology and widespread use of computers are influencing every aspect of the market place.
  • We now live in a global market place which effects both competition and career opportunities.
  • A large percentage of jobs of the future will require the skill level obtained through a minimum of two years post-secondary training or four years of college education.
  • Job opportunities are evolving at a rapid pace. Many of the jobs that are in existence today weren't heard of just ten years ago.
  • Because of the rapid evolution of jobs, people entering the workforce today are expected to change careers five to seven times during their lifetime.
  • Life-long learning will be a fact of life for all workers in order to continuously upgrade needed skills in the ever-changing work world.
  • From the National Association of Colleges and Employers

10. What majors are offered at Temple?

Visit the Temple University Undergraduate Bulletin for a list of all the major programs currently offered through the various schools and colleges.