The heart of what we do at the Temple University Career Center is working directly with you, our students and recent graduates, to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to direct your own career success.

When you make a coaching appointment or stop by for a drop-in session, you'll work with our career coaches to identify your goals and develop tangible action steps to reach them. If you have scheduled a phone appointment, please make an effort to be near a computer during the appointment. Before your coaching appointment, please check out our online resources.

Who We Serve

We serve all matriculated, degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students. We work with graduates of Temple University within the last five years on a variable basis. Please view the Alumni Access Policy for more information.


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By Phone
Call our office at (215) 204-7981


Same Day Appointments

Same Day Appointments are available every semester. Days of the week and times offered changes in order to meet student needs.

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Log in to request an appointment, and a Career Coach will be available to meet during these times.

Make a Same Day Appointment for:

  • Reviewing Professional Documents
  • Exploring How the Career Center Can Help