Business Formal

Business Formal is the standard dress code for a job or internship interview. Here are some attire tips and suggestions:


  • Skirt suit (preferably a dark color), which includes knee-length skirt, tailored jacket, and solid (or subtle patterned) blouse/top.
  • Pant suit (preferably a dark color), which includes tailored pants and a jacket.
  • Two-piece, single-breasted suit (preferably a dark color and solid and/or conservative pinstripes).


  • White dress shirt with a white undershirt underneath and a conservative tie.
  • Solid (or subtle-patterned) blouse or top.
  • Dark, polished shoes and matching socks.
  • Closed-toed shoes with no more than 1-2 inch heels.
  • Conservative and minimal jewelry.
  • Small to medium size purse.

Design Tips

  • Subtle make-up.
  • Conservative, clean haircut and style.
  • Trimmed facial hair.
  • Avoid colognes, perfumes, and body sprays.
  • Bring your portfolio, pen, and extra copies of your résumé.

Business Casual

Business Casual is often the dress code in many offices. While this type of attire is too casual for the formal job interview, you may want to wear business casual to a dinner, on the airplane or it may also be the work attire for the organization's environment once you've landed the job or internship. Every work environment is different so be sure to observe and inquire about the dress code. Business casual may include:

  • Jacket, blouse, cardigan, or conservative top with pants or a knee-length skirt.
  • Simple, knee-length dress.
  • Collared button up shirt with a white undershirt underneath or a collared knit polo shirt.
  • Dark pants or khakis.
  • Closed-toed shoes (no flip flops).
  • Subtle make-up and avoid perfumes/body sprays.

Do Not Wear

  • Jeans or casual sundresses, clothing with holes or rips, or athletic clothing or sneakers.
  • Clothing too tight or revealing.
  • Clothing with holes or rips, wrinkled, inappropriate images, athletic clothing or sneakers.
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