The Temple University Internship Program (TUIP) provides paid, meaningful experiential opportunities through on-campus internships. TUIP serves to assist Temple departments in creating professional development opportunities for students. The internships in this program have carefully designed requirements to ensure TUIP internships fit a student’s area of study and/or career interests.

Requirements for a department to participate in the TUIP

  • In order for a department to participate in the TUIP, that department must complete TUIP Intern Request Form.
  • The student’s internship should be for approximately 10 hours a week and the student would receive no less than the pay rate of $10 an hour.
  • The experience must have specific goals and objectives for the internship, including an opportunity to contribute to a significant portion of a project. For example: A student developing and managing a contest campaign for an existing social media platform.
  • The student’s internship must connect to the student’s area of study or their career interests.
  • Supervisors/mentors must share constructive bi-weekly feedback with the intern on their performance.
  • The student will fill out an end-of-semester evaluation which will include a short essay reflecting on their TUIP experience.
  • Students are NOT eligible to receive credit for their TUIP internships.
  • The student intern must have a designated workspace. Students are not allowed to work remotely.

TUIP Hiring Process

  • TUIP internship supervisors/mentors will submit the TUIP Request Form.
  • The Career Center will post the internship for students to apply to in Handshake.
  • After the student application deadline, the Career Center will send a bundle of resumes of interested applicants to the host department.
  • TUIP supervisors/mentors will manage the interview process by selecting students to interview, scheduling interviews, and extending the internship offer.
  • After selecting the best candidate, the intern’s payroll information must be matched in Taleo by the host department.

There are three ways to fund the internship listed under the funding section of this document

TUIP Marketing to Students

The Career Center will enter TUIP internships to Handshake, the university-wide internship and job posting system, in order to reach a greater number of Temple students. TUIP opportunities will be marketed to students via Handshake, e-mail, and social media channels.

TUIP Funding

There are three ways an office/department can fund a TUIP internship:

  • Full funding by department
  • Federal Work Study Grant
  • Funding through the Office of International Student Services

1. If the office/department has full funding for a TUIP internship, the office/department will only need to meet the requirements for an office/department to participate.

2. In order for the interns to be paid using the Federal Work Study Grant the following items must apply:

  • The intern must be a student who is eligible to receive Federal Work study funding.
    • They must have a valid FAFSA on file for the current academic year (summer interns must have a valid FAFSA on file for the upcoming year as well).
    • They must meet academic progress.
    • They must have unmet financial need. Students using tuition remission might have limited or zero unmet need for work study.
  • Interns being paid through FWS funds cannot be paid more than $10 per hour.
  • Students must be hired as a FWS Student (6700) in Taleo.
  • The Federal Work Study Program only covers 75% of the student’s pay. The other 25% will be charged to the FOAPAL used to hire the intern in Taleo.
  • If you are interested in having the remaining 25% covered, there is limited state funding available through Student Financial Services. Please indicate your interest on the Intern Request Form.
  • In some cases, students may qualify for a Federal Work Study award increase. The supervisor or student can make this request to Student Financial Services. If payroll for the student continues to run and the student has run out of FWS funding, the department will be charged with 100% of that payroll for that student.

Below is an example of a typical student FWS award for one semester:

Student FWS award for one term

$ 750

Amount covered by Federal Grant


Final Cost to Office/Department if full award is used (25%)

$ 187.50

3. If the office/department has limited funding, then the office/department may request supplemental funding from the Office of International Student Services (OISS). The following will apply:

  • The office/department must hire an international student.
  • At the end of the semester, the office/department will be reimbursed (via JET) up to $900 per office/department, per semester. Any cost that exceeds $900 must be funded out of the office/department budget.

Timeline for the Fall 2021 TUIP

  • April 19 - May 14: Submit TUIP Department Applications to the Career Center
  • May 17: Career Center to inform departments of approval
  • May 17 - June 18: Student Application Period to participate in TUIP
  • June 28 - July 23: Student Application period for internships in Handshake
  • July 23 - September 6: Departments interview and select students
  • September 13: First week of the internship

If you have any questions or need additional information about TUIP please feel free to reach out to Sammy Munsch at