Where are you headed? Obviously, towards a degree. But your degree is just the beginning of the journey. At Temple University Career Center, we're here to help you learn at any distance, at any time.

We'll help you navigate the process of discovering your career, learning new skills, packaging your abilities, and building your network. To accomplish such an important goal, we've created four essential steps that will help you no matter where or when you begin, and ultimately own your future.

Refer to the Temple University Career Guide and the checklist below to guide you through every aspect of the career development process. Finally, utilize our Online Career Center for more information about the resources mentioned below that are available online.

Explore Your Options

Build Your Brand

  • Meet with a career coach at the Career Center or career advisor at the Professional Development Center at your school or college. For more information, visit our Career Network page.
  • Develop your resume and other professional materials, such as a CV, personal website or portfolio. Modify these materials as you progress through your college career by adding courses, internships, projects, and volunteer and leadership experiences.
  • Write a cover letter for each internship and/or job application that is part of your journey.
  • On campus or visiting soon? Visit the University Career Center's Professional Development Corner for your LinkedIn headshots, business cards and to print your resume. With your LinkedIn photo and critiqued resume, build your LinkedIn profile.
  • Learn how to interview one of three ways: 1) Schedule a mock interview with a career coach, 2) reserve a spot through the Mock Interview Program at the Career Center, and 3) use InterviewStream, an online resource.
  • Build your professional wardrobe, which includes an interview suit, casual business attire, dress shoes, and a padfolio.
  • Attend professional development events for career advice and to network with alumni and employers organized by the Career Center, the Professional Development Center at your school or college, campus department or student organization. Check out our events page for information about in-person and online events.

Gain Experience

  • Access Handshake or your school or college's job board to search for internships and jobs, and learn about career fairs, networking and graduate school events to attend.
  • Be an active member or leader of a club or organization on campus or in your community.
  • Learn about study abroad options and internship abroad opportunities by visiting the office of Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses and by using GoinGlobal.
  • Conduct an informational interview with someone who works in your field or area of interest. Use LinkedIn or Temple U Connect to connect with alumni for these interviews.
  • Seek out opportunities to gain research experience working with a faculty member.

Make Your Path

  • Search for full time jobs, fellowships and postgraduate internships on Handshake or your school or college's online job board.
  • Decide if graduate school is appropriate for your career goals and explore graduate school options.
  • Explore fellowships and post-graduate scholarships.
  • Share your future plans with us by completing our brief post-graduation survey.
  • Senior year, join Temple U Connect to meet alumni mentors within your industry of interest.
  • Stay connected to Temple University! The Career Center offers career resources and advice for alumni in-person and online regularly.