GenEd is not just about well-roundedness, major exploration and civic participation. It also helps you build skills critical to career success. Be sure to use what you have learned and done in your GenEds to sell your skills and accomplishments to potential employers.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers surveys employers annually to learn what they want to see on the résumés of recent grads. Key GenEd competencies such as oral and written communication, problem-solving, analytical skills and flexibility are always among their top priorities.

Top Attributes Employers Seek on Resumes

  • Problem-solving skills - 85.5%
  • Analytical/quantitative skills - 78.6%
  • Ability to work in a team - 76.3%
  • Communication skills (written) - 73.3%
  • Initiative - 72.5%
  • Strong work ethic – 71%
  • Technical skills - 64.9%
  • Flexibility/adaptability - 63.4%
  • Leadership - 60.3%
  • Communication skills (verbal) - 58.8%

How To Show What You Know

  • Use Portfolium to build a portfolio of projects completed in GenEd and other classes and embed it in your LinkedIn profile.
  • During job interviews, talk about times you took a leadership role in class projects completed as part of a group.
  • Make a list of quantitative, data-related and technical skills developed in your GenEds such as using spreadsheets, collecting and analyzing data, and using programs such as App Inventor. Use the list while writing cover letters or preparing for job interviews.
  • Reflect on what you learned about yourself and others while working with students from different majors and different personal backgrounds on projects and assignments, and during in-class discussions. Think about how this might apply to interacting with co-workers in the workplace and how you might talk about working with diverse others in a job interview.